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Pirate Cupcakes!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Sailing into 2021 like...

Now, I won't say these cupcakes were easy to make, only because of the fondant toppers, but they WERE easy to pipe, so if you don't feel up to sculpting little ships or treasure ships, you can always buy little toys OR make little shark fins!

To make the waves on the cupcakes, I just used a 1M (or large star) tip to make large blue rosettes, then sprinkled on little white and blue nonpareils and pearl sprinkles. For a sandy beach, spread some frosting on top and use crushed graham crackers. Super easy!

For shark fins, I used gray fondant, but you can get pretty creative if you don't have any. Another option would be melted white chocolate colored gray and piped into little triangle shapes on some parchment paper. Then you can cool those and stick them in the tops of the cupcakes!


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