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Pink Naked Cake

This cake was a bit of an experiment style-wise. I was inspired by Jyoti Nanra, @thepurplecupcake_ on Instagram, whose tiny cakes are so cute and colorful, full of different textures and piping techniques, as well as lots of little sprinkles and toppings!

It was also February, so not only pink season, but also the dead of winter and I was really craving some fresh strawberries! The idea for this little Galentine cake popped into my head about a week ahead of time so I went ahead and tested Elizabeth Marek, the Sugar Geek's, pink velvet cake recipe: I highly recommend! It is so moist, buttery, and light!

I made the recipe in a 9x9 square pan and used a 4-inch circle cutter to create the layers, then filled the layers with vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, fresh cut strawberries, and pink rock candy.

Then the fun part: use several shades of pink frosting with various star tips to pipe stars, shells, and rosettes on top of the cake, then pile it high with more rock candy, sprinkles, and strawberries! And of course, throw some more sprinkles at the sides.


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